The Employee/Member Assistance Program

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Employee Resource Systems, Inc. provides nationwide Employee/Member Assistance Program (EAP/MAP) and managed mental health care services to client company employees and their family members. These confidential EAP/MAP services were developed to help employees/members and their families cope with personal difficulties that can affect their lives both at home and at work.

The EAP/MAP defines "family" as anyone whose problem impacts the employee/member in a negative way, including in and out-of-state parents, children and significant others of the same or opposite sex. The EAP/MAP assists people with a variety of life problems including alcohol and drug abuse; stress, anxiety and depression; marital, family and relationship discord; child and adolescent behavioral problems; domestic violence; child care; elder care; financial and legal concerns; and educational and career-related problems at no cost to the employee/member. The EAP/MAP does not address difficulties related to salaries, job assignments or other work-related issues.

All contact with the EAP/MAP is confidential. The EAP/MAP counselor will not speak with a supervisor, co-worker or family member without permission from the person using the assistance program. Confidentiality is compromised only when a threat to life exists (i.e., suicidal or homicidal risk, stalking or child abuse).

Services, which include a comprehensive evaluation, brief counseling and referral, if necessary, may be a first step toward resolution of personal difficulties.

When referrals are recommended, every effort is made to use providers covered by the employee's/member's benefit plan or an agency that offers services on a negotiable scale. The cost of service from a referral agency is the responsibility of the employee/member or the affected family member.

EAP/MAP services are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., CST by calling 800-292-2780. After standard business hours, calls are answered directly by clinical professionals who provide immediate service.