Sales/Service Programs

Employee/Member Assistance Programming

This includes assessment, short-term counseling, referral and follow-up. By conducting mental health and substance abuse evaluations, we are able to educate and support employees and their family members on a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse/addiction, family/marital/children's issues, child/elder care, and legal & financial difficulties. (A "Member Assistance Program" is a phrase that unions use for the same type of services.)

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Managed Care Services

ERS provides Gatekeeper, PPO, Utilization Review, Case Management, and even claims adjudication services related to behavioral health benefits. This means that discounted fee arrangements are established with therapists and treatment programs. Clients then contact the EAP before they access their behavioral health benefits. When long-term treatment is authorized, the EAP works with the in-network provider to establish a treatment plan and ensure that the client receives effective clinical interventions.

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Work/Life Services

This program provides information, articles, resources, links, and interactive "calculators" around child care, elder care, daily living obligations as well as legal & financial challenges-the typical issues that impact everyone's daily lives. Individuals access services via telephone and/or on-line with a company-specific ID and password. Companies may customize their own work/life services package by selecting from the following options:

  • Geriatric Care Assistance - Geriatric Care Specialists conduct assessments, family meetings, case management and facility review.
  • Consultation & Compliance Line - 24-hour toll-free telephonic answering, reporting and tracking of compliance concerns to assist in the identification of possible unethical, illegal or questionable behavior within organizations.
  • Financial Assistance - Consumer-focused financial counseling service supporting employees' management of day-to-day financial issues, debt management, financial and retirement planning.
  • Legal Assistance - Legal consultation and referral service. Service delivery can include immediate telephone consultation with a lawyer in the employee's home state or referral to a nationwide network of attorneys.
  • Nanny Find - Support and coordination of the recruitment and hiring of nannies, au pairs and other in-home care providers.
  • Nurseline - Traditional Nurseline support.
  • Personal Assistance - Personal concierge services to provide time saving assistance and organization to life's daily challenges.
  • Savings Center - Web-based employee goods and services discount program.
  • There Care - Back-up and emergency care support and subsidy program that's there when you need it.
  • Wellness Concierge - Comprehensive wellness and health management program offering access to fitness, nutrition and health resource and referral, enhanced wellness-related web content and online assessments, fitness and nutrition consultation, healthcare advocacy and Nurseline services. Customized by company.
  • Family Assistance - Check-in service for school-age children and older adults.

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Training and Consultation

ERS offers an extensive array of trainings (PDF, 268K) in addition to the basic EAP services. We work closely with the Managers and Supervisors of each client company regarding Management Consultations and Job Performance Referrals. The list of trainings includes:

  • Stress Management
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Budgeting Made Easy
  • Surviving the Holidays
  • Career Planning
  • Chemical Depdency/Substance Abuse
  • Balancing Work and Home
  • Parenting
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Change
  • Managers & Supervisors Training
  • Cardiac Emotional Fitness
  • Yoga in the Workplace
  • Agewise

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CISD's & Grief Groups

ERS conducts grief groups and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD's) following any extreme circumstances such as death, injury, or violence within the work setting. Trauma defusing and debriefing services are conducted on-site for a fee per counselor plus pre-approved travel-related expenses at cost.

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Policy Development & Implementation Services

ERS provides consultation and assistance in policy development for companies such as Drug Free Workplace policies, Violence in the Workplace, as well as Harassment policies. We also provide training for employees upon implementation of the new policy.

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Organizational Assessments

For companies interested in streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. ERS interviews key players in the company to create an evaluation tool that is used to gather data from all levels of the employee hierarchy. The assessment includes interpretation of that data as well as specific recommendations for the organization.

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Substance Abuse Professional Services

Certified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP's) conduct evaluations, make treatment recommendations, and monitor compliance for employees who have tested positive for drugs and/or alcohol and must meet the Department of Transportation regulations.

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